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Read my blog here!
Chris Well
Here's the deal: When I was in the first grade, my life goal was that I would grow up to be
Batman. Because I thought it was a vocation -- you know, policeman, fireman, Batman. Once
my first grade teacher crushed the dreams of that little boy, I guess I decided I would do the
next best thing and make up stories about Batman. And then somewhere after that I learned
about things like "intellectual property" and "copyright law" and "cease and desist" and decided
that I would have to make up stories about my own characters.

So today, I do just that: Write stories about my own characters -- whether it's a doomed
hitman named
Solomon Long or a grumpy old amateur sleuth named Earl Walker or an
out-of-work smart alec crime reporter named

My novels include the crime comedy
TOO GOOD TO BE TRUMAN, the Earl Walker whodunit
NURSING A GRUDGE and the Kansas City crime shoot-em-up FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG.*

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I am represented by MacGregor Literary.

*(Named by the American Library Association's
Booklist as one of the top novels of 2005)
Chris Well
©2005, 2010 Chris and Erica Well
Book Trailer: Forgiving Solomon Long by Chris Well
Book Trailer: Deliver Us From Evelyn by Chris Well
Book Trailer: Too Good to be Truman by Chris Well